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Easy Maintenance Tips for Your Central Air Conditioning Unit

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There are a lot of simple methods in order to maintain a smooth and efficient running for your central air conditioning unit. As a homeowner, you might have had experienced some repairs done on your central air conditioning unit which you really rely on so badly during the summer season. Maintenance of your central air conditioner on a regular basis is much cheaper compared to a replacement or repair.

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In fact, Carrier, a leading manufacturer of air conditioners, states:

As a matter of fact, one leading central air conditioning unit manufacturer believes that:

Proper maintenance and ac repair Boca Raton can help your system last for decades more. On the other side, a neglected air conditioning unit loses roughly 5 percent of its efficiency every year which it operates without maintenance.

Fortunately, there are a lot of very easy things that a homeowner can do to maintain their air conditioning system operating smoothly and perhaps, less often the whole warm months.

1. Keeps the Plants Cut Back Around Your HVAC

Outdoor condensers are not good and it seems that people will do the best that they can to hide the plants from sight. Trellises, fences and plants tend to be very famous methods to go about the cover-up. Yet, air conditioning units need enough amount of air flow that surround all sides to run at peak efficiency. Furthermore, this is also the reason why professionals suggest that landscaping and some other objects be put about 3 feet away from the system itself. Cleaning up dirt, leaves and any other debris regularly, and cutting back or trimming trees, bushes and other plants all help improve the flow of air which your system needs to draw into the system.

2. Wash Pollen, Dust and Some Other Debris Off the Condenser Unit

If the outdoor air condenser unit of your home is in the unnoticeable place, it is very simple to forget about washing it on a regular basis. However, you do not want to neglect or ignore this very easy task. The condenser unit pulls in air and then, pollen, dust and some other kinds of debris usually cling to the outside. This will also restrict airflow as well as cause a decline in cooling effectivity and sometimes cause the system to overheat. When this happens, get the garden hose and with a high-pressure water, take out the fire in a top-to-bottom manner.

3. Don’t Completely Close Any Registers

If your house is a two-story, the upper level is usually warmer compared to the ground floor even with your central air conditioning operating. It is obvious that cool air falls and hot air rises, therefore, you can simply balance the temperature by adjusting the air vent or register openings. It is correct that closing air vents on the cooler’s lower level forces plenty of air out of the air vents upstairs. Then, the cooler air works its way to the ground floor and the temperature turns more even throughout your home.

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